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    • well well well, what do we have here?   In the last 5 years I've moved cities and furthered my career in sales. I'm now a Sales coach for an international marketing company and represent major brands within the IT/energy sectors in developing sales strategies.    I feel like it's been forever since we all used to hang out. So many good times and so many unfinished decks. I really want to get back on and continue my collection.    It seems that stories of this games revival have been ongoing for a few years now and I really want to know if it's true?   Hope to see you all at a SB table soon!
    • Guest
      is that Jin? Andrew.?...Im so old I cannot see so guud nowadays!   Jeeezz wth did i get that avatar at
    • Guest
      TTO/questria always held a place in my heart.. even almost 20 years later. Nostalgia screenshots took me back to good times of chatting it up and losing cards. Hope everyone is doing well!
    • Also curious whats going on.  Friendly ping.
    • Guest
      Hey All,   Glad to see things making headway. I thought about developing my own using python, but I have two little munchkins that keep me busy. Hopefully the code base is being well unit tested! Are you wanting security testing as well? I wouldn't mind poking the program to see if there are ways to break the system while informing you of my findings.   Hope everyone is having a great life so far! Crazy to think I joined the TT community almost 20 years ago...   Cheers!
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