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Final Fantasy 7 vs Final Fantasy 8

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Posted 10 July 2011 - 03:28 PM


By: Greg

Well, it's the weekend. This means to many people that it's time to gear up their social lives and spend some time with their girlfriend/boyfriend. Haha, fools! I seem to be the only 16-year-old with my priorities straight: The weekend means videogames, videogames, and, if there's time, possibly a few more videogames. Of course, with the release of FF8, there's really no time for the luxuries in life, such as sleeping and eating. However, with FF8 finally conquered, I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule (hey, I have other videogames too...) to write this article comparing the newest Final Fantasy game to the one I favor the most (FF7). But first, here's a small glimpse into just what went on while playing Final Fantasy 8:

Greg's "Top Ten Signs I Stayed Up Too Late Playing FF8":

10. I actually thought the joke about Laguna saying the Ragnarok has a cool name was funny (note that Laguna's name comes from Ragnarok).
9. I played the scene where everyone makes fun of Rinoa's model train 5 times just so I could shout my own dialogue into the mix.
8. At one point I vaguely remember Squall telling me to get a social life.
7. My game has an extra 5 hours logged on just because I kept trying to open "The Girl Next Door."
6. Before passing out on the floor, I vaguely remember almost thinking that the "Brothers" GF movie was kinda cool.
5. I kept telling Cid to lay off Edea since she was obviously meant for Sephiroth.
4. At 5:00 am I began wandering around the house challenging my family members to a game of Triple Triad.
3. After 2 hours of sleep, the next day of school would be spent blaming my short memory on excessive Junctioning of GF's.
2. The Balamb Garden airship's hover height became so annoying that I tried using a Jedi Levitation trick on it.

And the #1 Sign That I Stayed Up Too Late Playing FF8...

1. During the ending of the game between Squall and Rinoa, I pointed at my TV and screamed "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! CLOUD IS CHEATING ON TIFA!"

Haha, wow, that was lame. Oh well. It's not MY server space. Seriously though, the release of a new Final Fantasy game is truly an epic of religious importance. I mean, how could anyone possibly offer any defense to atheism when it's so obvious that a higher power must be making Final Fantasy games? The release of Final Fantasy 7 almost completely demolished the small group of people calling themselves "SquareSoft Atheists," but can FF8 live up to such a high standard? Taking my excess free time, and putting aside my glaring social life problems, and ignoring the fact that... whoops, nevermind. Anyway, in a few mere hours, I managed to put together an article comparing FF7 to FF8 in every category I could possibly imagine. Enjoy!

FMV Graphics, New vs Old: And the Winner is... FF8!
This should be no surprise to anyone. Not only are the graphics in the FMV scenes stunning, but the animation is too. FMV scenes are amazing and plentiful throughout FF8. After watching the mind-blowing string of cutscenes right after the orphanage with Galbadia Garden, I literally chuckled at the thought of ever being able to sit through cutscenes in FF7. Thinking the motorcycle scene was cool seems like a distant thought after seeing the cutscenes in FF8. In fact, I'd certainly go as far as to say that FF8 blows Parasite Eve cutscenes away, and the FMV's were the only things holding PE together in the first place.

FMV Transition, Seamless vs Obvious: And the Winner is... FF8!
This just blew me away. I chuckled at how SquareSoft bothered to advertise a category like this on the back of the box, but now I completely agree with them. FMV's and gameplay mix together perfectly. Gone are the days of FF7 where you'd be playing, when suddenly, the screen freezes, turns black, then shows off its cutscene. In many of cutscenes in FF8, you're actually able to move around DURING the cutscene, and in one instance you actually fight a soldier while swinging around in a beautifully rendered environment, awesome! Another great example is the end of disc 1. A parade goes by carrying Edea, and as it drifts into the background, a polygon Squall and Irvine run towards the screen before you even know the cutscene ended.

Background Graphics, Highly Rendered vs Lighting Effects: And the Winner is... FF7!
What?? FF7 won in a GRAPHICS competition? That's right, I actually prefer FF7's backgrounds. FF8's were beautifully rendered in every screen, but seemed a bit dull after a long time. For those of you screaming at my while madly smashing your keyboard in disgust, try visiting the Training Grounds in FF8. See those amazing lighting effects everywhere that look so cool? As I recall, they were everywhere in FF7! Of course the Esthar backgrounds blow FF7 away, but that's a relatively small part of the game.

Character Graphics, Constant vs Variable: And the Winner is... FF8!
FF7 had 4 distinct character designs... walking around, in-battle, semi-FMV (when Cloud falls into Aeris's garden, and when Tifa rolls Cloud's wheelchair into the Lifestream, remember?) and the full-FMV (the weapon attack, the ending, etc...). Though most of them looked pretty good, FF8's characters inside and outside of battle look almost identical, and there's only one FMV model for each character (which looks great!)

World Devastation, Lunar Cry vs Meteor: And the Winner is... FF7!
And where did the Lunar Cry come from? It's just sort of a tiny subplot at the end of the game that isn't even addressed at all an hour later or even in the ending. Not only that, but it's ridiculous. Basically the Lunar Cry is when monsters from the moon beam themselves onto the planet to take over. What? You'd think the game makes it sound less laughable, but it doesn't. These aren't even special monsters that are a certain enemy, they're just a bunch of critters similar to the ones you fight in the game. Luckily the subject is dropped rather quickly, it just can't compete with the idea of a lunatic summoning a meteor onto the planet to cause it to draw himself into a state of extreme power. Now THAT was cool!

The Airship, Balamb Garden and Ragnarok vs Highwind: And the Winner is... FF7!
This was a no-brainer. I really, really hated FF8's first airship. Because you're not supposed to visit the Easter continent until Disc 3, your airship barely hovers above the ground at all. This means that crossing cliffs is impossible, so looping around continents is usually necessary, which is a huge pain because you travel so slowly. There's actually a bridge in the center of the map that requires that you loop around the Western continent just to get through it. Augh. Also, remember how 2 quick rooms were all you needed to refill your health in the Highwind? Well, the distance between the bridge and Squall's bed is a whooping 6 screens that not only take a long time to load, but a long time to travel as well. On top of that, the first airship doesn't even have a theme! What? Sure, the second airship has a great theme (Ride On), and it allows you to go anywhere faster than the Highwind, but that's not until the end of Disc 3, and it doesn't even have an area where you can refill your HP.

Battle Animation, Smooth vs Jerky: And the Winner Is... FF8!
One of the things I was really impressed with in FF8 was the in-battle animation. Characters that are hit are knocked back and struggle to regain their posture with smooth movements. When a character is knocked out, they slowly collapse to the ground with movements much smoother than FF7.

Plot, Slow vs Fast: And the Winner is... FF7!
Okay, let's face it, no one actually believed Jessie in FF7 when she tells you that you're going to actually blow up all 8 reactors. Within hours you're swept into a whole different plot full of twists and turns. But as soon as part of the menu screen is filled with a "SeeD" rank in FF8... uh-oh... looks like you're stuck with that group for quite a while. And that's just what happens. The plot seems to be tied down by SeeD more than helped by it. It moves much slower than FF7's, and it doesn't really pull you in until the end of Disc 1. Who cares about the 30 minutes spent with boring dialogue at Tifa's bar, after the Mako bombing I was hooked to FF7 for good! Unfortunately, FF8 doesn't have anything like that. The Dollet scene comes close, but it's too drawn out.

Addiction, Low vs High: And the Winner is... FF7!
I'm sure the title sort of gave it away. Anyway, I found FF8 to be much less addicting than FF7. I simply had to play FF7 between the minute I got home and 11:00 at night (when I would start my homework...). Unfortunately, the purchase of FF8 didn't even lower my grades. Dang! I had no problem with getting online when I got home, making up excuses to Atomsplit as to why I hardly did any work on GL, then only playing FF8 for about an hour before I turned it off in favor of watching a few reruns of Frasier. Some areas, like when you have to find the white SeeD ship, aren't even remotely entertaining. Maybe if the plot moved along faster, I'd have more interest in what happened next. Oh well. The end of disc 1 was amazing. The middle of disc 2 (with Galbadia and Balamb Garden) was amazing. The end of disc 3 was also amazing. However, a lot of areas in between just didn't hold my interest enough to knock down my 4.25 GPA.

The Main Theme, Love vs Struggle: And the Winner is... FF7!
Why didn't I mention the main theme in the plot section? Well, this is a whole other issue altogether. FF7's theme was about the struggle between the balance of nature and technology, while FF8 is more about love and Squall coming to open himself up. The theme in FF8 was done extremely well... in Disc 3... where it begins! What took the main theme so long? Who knows, but it certainly seems a bit rushed. FF7's theme starts from the beginning and seems to wrap every character and event along with it. However, contrary to what your first impression may be, the love theme in FF8 certainly doesn't seem tacked on at all. It's obviously set up in the beginning with Squall's personality and attitude towards Quistis, though it could've been given more attention. However, near the end of Disc 3 it gets good. Really good. Too bad it wasn't integrated into the rest of the story as well as FF7's was.

Love Theme, Squall and Rinoa vs Cloud and Tifa: And the Winner is... Xenogears!
Okay, okay, so technically Xenogears isn't in the competition. However, the love theme in Xenogears was still better than the one in FF8, even though FF8 supposedly revolves around it. Actually, the real love theme in FF8 was better than Xenogears for what it was, but it was so short! It begins around the middle of Disc 3, while the love theme in Xenogears begins more along the lines of Hour 3. Of course, the plot in Xenogears was epic. It blows away FF8's as a whole, so it's only expected that the love theme through time, generations, and reincarnation of Xenogears pretty much obliterates a 17-year old's crush on some girl (which, might I add, starts when she's unconscious, and seems to come to a screeching halt the minute she actually wakes up). So, that being said, the love theme of Xengoears is better than FF8's. As for FF7... you didn't actually think I'd label Cloud and Tifa enough of a love theme to put up against FF8, did you?

Music, New vs Old: And the Winner is... FF7!
Unfortunately, the music in FF8 is a little disappointing. The battle theme, airship theme (on the Ragnarok) and chocobo theme all sound slightly better. There are a few other great songs (as listed below), but a lot of the songs in FF8 are very similar remixes of Eyes On Me. The boss theme, town themes, and Sephiroth theme seem better than the FF8 equivalence. However, FF8 has some great songs, they're just too few and played too scarcely. Below are some of my favorites listed by their soundtrack name:

Liberi Fatali, The Landing, The Man With The Machine Gun, The Mission, The Stage Is Set, Movin', Eyes On Me, Ride On, and The Legendary Beast.

But alas, Aaron doesn't allow MP3's on Gamerz Library (being legal is overrated....), so you can get these at (Oh God no! He just linked to a competitor! Somebody cap 'im!)

Battle Setup, Junctioning vs Materia: And the Winner is... FF8!
Well, I never really liked materia that much, but Junctioning is really awesome. It allows you to take magic and attach it to certain stats. The better the magic and the more of it you have, the more the attribute increases. But wait! There's more! You need certain GF skills to allow you to Junction to certain attributes, and Junctioning certain magic to elemental or status defense or attack will allow you to be stronger in certain areas.

Summoning, Guardian Forces vs Red Materia: And the Winner is... FF7!
Okay, Junctioning is awesome, but SquareSoft really messed up on the way GF's are set up. Gone are the days when you need to defeat your enemies with a combination of attacks and magic. FF8 greets you with the concept of winning random battles by watching an endless number of GF cutscenes. There's no MP-type penalty for summoning GF's. It just takes a little longer, but that can be fixed with high compatibility. The GF's can take damage, but that shields your character and GF's restore HP as you walk. Yikes. In fact, I dare someone to try to defeat an Iron Giant (a RANDOM encounter) at Tear's Point later in the game. It took me 21 (I counted) separate GF summons to take down one guy... in a random battle. On top of that, sometimes it's suicidal NOT to use GF's, so you could be trapped in an area where most of your time is spent watching GF movies... over.... and over.... and over.... and over.... and over....

Battle Movies, Guardian Forces vs Summon Spells: And the Winner is... FF7!
Wait! I'm not done complaining about the last category! I really hated the GF movies in FF8. I mean, really, really hated them. Sure they're cool. Sure they're awesome.... the FIRST 50 times you see them! (With the possible exception of Siren, but that's another issue altogether :-P) FF7 movies may not have been as good, but they were quicker, more to the point, and allowed you to concentrate on the battle rather than gazing at SquareSoft's handiwork with that stuff (with the exception of Bahamut ZERO.... that one was boring rather quickly). Yes, SquareSoft, we get it. You're great at making nice little cutscenes. NOW MAKE A BUTTON THAT LETS YOU SKIM THROUGH GF MOVIES!! I mean, has anyone here ever taken a watch timer to the Eden movie? It's 1 minute and 25 seconds long! 1 minute and 25 seconds! That's no exaggeration! AUGH!

Mini Games, Triple Triad vs Gold Saucer: And the Winner is... FF8!
Okay, so it's a card game against a ton of awesome arcade games. I myself spent several hours unlocking every track on the Snowboarding mini game (after the Crazy course you still have to get Time Attack!). But Triple Triad is just awesome. The game has a lot of strategy, there are over 100 cards in the game, collecting them is a ton of fun, almost everyone plays, and the cards can be modified into very useful items. BTW, the first time through with no strategy guide or any help at all, I managed to get the card of Squall, Zell, Quistis, Selphie, Laguna, Ward, Edea, and Seifer. Beat THAT!

Weapon Upgrades, Junk Shop vs Buying: And the Winner is... FF8!
This is a very simple category. Rather than simply having to cough up enough Gil to buy the newest weapons every few hours, FF8 makes you find magazines containing instructions for a weapon, find the parts to the weapon, then bring them to any local Junk Shop to have it built for a small labor fee. Not only is this more fun, but it also makes playing Triple Triad even more useful, since many of the parts can be modified from the cards you win.

Character Dialogue, Spunky vs Informative: And the Winner is... FF8!
For anyone who was irritated by lengthy dialogue from Xenogears, you'll be pleased to know that FF8 has very few text-scrolling areas. In fact, the relatively straightforward dialogue in FF8 is great. Characters seem much less concerned with simply giving out information, and more concerned with expressing themselves and developing a very unique personality. For example, you ride a train in both FF7 and FF8. When you ride the train in FF7, you're immediately briefed on your next mission. In FF8, the first thing that happens is Selphie jumping up and down with excitement over how big their cabin is. Hey, they're kids, and the dialogue reflects this. In fact, the characters (especially Selphie) almost never have anything boring to say at all. Even the cynical Squall rarely bores you with annoying details of his own problems. The dialogue in FF8 is great, it really made the game a lot more interesting. It's a nice change of pace from the more serious tones of many games.

Prison Escape, Desert vs Shinra: And the Winner is... FF7!
No game is complete without an escape from prison! Anyway, FF7 wins this by a lot. Rinoa and Irvine just sort of pick you up and you get out. How do you escape in the first place? Zell beats the crap out of the guard. Clever plan.... Why does the guard come in? Quistis and Selphie act sick. Wow! How ingenious! I've NEVER heard of THAT method before! :-P As for FF7... well, no contest! Sephiroth slices the guards, you run out of your cell to find the president of Shinra dead, then you divide up to fight Rufus and a machine in the elevator. Then what? You're greeted by a stunning FMV sequence before another boss and an escape to the world map for your first time. Awesome!

The Coma, Rinoa vs Cloud: And the Winner is... FF7!
Again, no game is complete without a coma. I'm serious! Think about it... I've been told that FF2 has a coma. FF3 has Terra flying off as an Esper (she isn't really conscious...), Chrono Trigger has Crono "dying," Xenogears has Fei, FF7 has Cloud, and FF8 has Rinoa. Basically, it's a contest between getting a glimpse into Cloud's mind vs Squall realizing his love for Rinoa. Well... considering how lame it is that she has to be ASLEEP for Squall to realize he likes her... I'm going to have to go with FF7. Plus, the scene with Tifa in Cloud's subconscious in the Lifestream is just plain cool.

Artwork, FF8 vs FF7: And the Winner is... FF8!
This may be a minor category, but the profile artork in FF8 looks very good. There isn't much of a difference, but it is nice to have better picture of the character in the Status screen. It should be noted, however, that Rinoa looks completely different in the Status screen artwork section when compared to the actual game. Instead of looking 17 and Asian, she looks more like 30 and White... How very odd...

The Introduction, Everyone vs Aeris: And the Winner Is... FF8!
This category isn't even fair. I won't get into this, since the opening sequence to FF8 is on a whole new level of excellence when compared to a few seconds of Aeris walking down a hallway.

The Ending, Characters vs Explosions: And the Winner is... FF8! (by a LOT)
Okay, I just saw the ending to FF8 a few hours ago for my first time and I was absolutely blown away. I didn't think anything could top FF7's ending, but FF8 does it by a long shot. I won't spoil the actual ending, but let me just say this: FF8's ending has no explosions, no fighting, no earth-devastating events, no one dying, and not even any dialogue. So what is it? It's hilarious. It's depressing. It's heartwarming. It's entertaining. It's visually amazing. It's epic. It's 13 minutes of characters. Just characters. It focusses on what we really want to see: What happens to the people when the "Final Fantasy" is over. In FF7, the planet gets a large explosion... and... what? 500 years later we get something, but what about days afterwards? Did Cloud and Tifa get together? Is everyone alright? What became of everyone? FF8 answers this and more. Its animation is perfect as it brings to life everyone from Squall and Rinoa to Laguna and Raine to Fujin and Raijin. On top of that, the music is even better. If you're hoping for the cast of characters to hop into the Ragnarok to start shooting at the monsters from the Lunar Cry for 13 minutes, you're going to be horribly disappointed. The ending to FF8 ties up the loose ends to the characters perfectly. You wonder what may happen next, but there's certainly the sense of closure that FF7 had absolutely none of.

Alright, FF8 and FF7 have battled it out in every category imaginable, now it's time for the characters themselves to duel it out with each other! Each pair is decided by how similar their personality is, though some aren't similar enough to make into this arena.

Main Cynical Character, Squall vs Cloud: And the Winner is... FF8!
I was very impressed with how Square handled Squall's character. At first I was very irritated at how they seemed to mimic Cloud, but this isn't true at all. Cloud is portrayed more as an uncaring guy with mental problems for really no reason (until disc 2, that is). However, Squall's character is done very elaborately. His thoughts are constantly shown in many scenes to get a great idea of what's going on in his mind. Not only that, but the game does an excellent job of showing just how he ended up so anti-social, why he's that way, and many of the stages that he goes through when Rinoa begins to pull him out of it. Very well done, though I don't think it's fair how I can constantly be as anti-social as Squall is for my entire life and never have anyone like Rinoa be so friendly towards me! Oh well.

Caring Free-Spirited Character, Rinoa vs Tifa: And the Winner is... FF8!
This wasn't much of a contest... Tifa's character in FF7 was rather lame. She was obviously caring, though her dialogue seemed to reflect that she was mentally weaker than she really was. Rinoa is a great improvement. She's just as caring as Tifa, though she's also very strong-spirited towards the freedom of Timber. Not only that, but she seems to be a lot more caring to those around her as well. It seems almost as if Square tried to redo Tifa's character in Rinoa, but did a much better job.

Spunky Character That Doesn't Have Much To Do With Anything, Selphie vs Yuffie: And the Winner is... FF7!
Okay, this was a little unfair. Yuffie's always been my favorite FF7 character, so maybe Selphie was a little overmatched. Oh well. It's true that Selphie's dialogue is better than Yuffie's, but her character isn't... though not by much. Selphie talks a lot like Yuffie, but I don't recall Selphie every going as far as to steal your materia and trick you into getting trapped in a basement. Okay, so there's really no room in FF8 for betrayal of that sort, but the fact that Yuffie actually ACTS on her character rather than just expressing it shows something in my view. Maybe if Selphie would've taken charge more than just the Missile Silo incident she could've beaten Yuffie.

Tough Guy Character, Zell vs Barret: And the Winner is... FF7!
Like Selphie and Yuffie, Zell and Barret have very similar dialogue. But again, the differences are the actions. Barret formed a group on his own to help stop the evils of Shinra, but Zell just sort of tags along and acts tough. Not only that, but Barret has a reason for fighting. He fights for Marlene, the planet, and the welfare of people. Zell just wants to get some fighting action, regardless of how it's done. Zell's character is very well done in the scene where Galbadia Garden clashes with Balamb Garden, though that's about it.

Mysterious Powerful Character, Ellone vs Aeris: And the Winner is... FF7!
I almost completely overlooked this category until I realized how similar these two characters really are. They're both very sensitive, contain powers that help the planet on a large scale, and want to help people. However, Aeris was just... well, better. I don't know where to begin. It may be unfair to put Ellone against Aeris because Ellone was a minor character, but we pretty much get a good idea at her personality. When she sends Squall back into Laguna, she almost seems apologetic, as if she doesn't really know what she's doing. Then there's the scene with Rinoa in Disc 3... "I'm sorry Squall, I can't send Rinoa back, I don't know her." "Why don't you meet her?" "Oh, alright." Geez Ellone, you're really the brains of the family, aren't you? Besides that, Aeris is much more dedicated. Though they're both willing to sacrifice their lives, Aeris is much more take-charge of the situation. Ellone acts brave with the white SeeD ship, but what is really comes down to is this: When she was attacked in the training center by a flying critter, she huddled down and screamed for help. When Aeris was attacked by soldiers in her garden, she didn't need to be told twice that the best thing to do would be just to fight them herself.

Villain, Edea vs Sephiroth: And the Winner is... FF7!
This is a tough one to discuss because it would be incredibly easy to accidentally spoil the little secret about Edea... Anyway, Sephiroth's character is great. He's not truly evil, he's more psychotic. His motives aren't as simple as they seem, and they really make sense. Edea is more of a pure-evil character with motives more along the lines of, "Kill everything. There's no need for an interesting plot on my part!" In fact, Edea's character isn't even that. She's not even a pure evil, but I won't spoil it.

Annoying Guys That Just Won't Die, Fujin and Raijin vs The Turks: And the Winner is... FF7!
There's no contest here. Fujin and Raijin are just annoying people that don't know what's going on, but feel the need to kill you anyway. The Turks are a really cool group of elite fighters that are as clever as they are tough. The even have their own theme that gets stuck in your head for hours. Plus, Elena's a babe. I mean...

Sidekick Critter, Moombas vs Moogles: And the Winner is... FF4/5/6/7 (by a lot!)
Squaresoft, BRING BACK MOOGLES!!! What the hell are these Moomba things?? They're like wimpy version of Red XIII that run around and chirp stuff. They don't help you, they don't talk to you, they don't interact with you, they don't look cool, they don't have any powers, they aren't cute, they aren't funny, they're just annoying. Why did Squaresoft do this?? Who can forget that brave line of Moogles risking themselves for Terra's safety in FF6? Okay, so maybe Cait Sith was a lame version of the Moogle in FF7, but why did SquareSoft kill such a popular character? And what are these Cactus things? Was the person designing the "Moogle" area of FF8 scheduled to be laid off before he was told of this new job? I just don't get it.

THE BOTTOM LINE, FF8 vs FF7: And the Winner is... FF7!
That's right, FF7 won the war. As soon as I beat FF8, I literally had a larger urge to play FF7 for a 3rd time than I did to play FF8 for a 2nd time, even though the ending to FF8 is about twice as good as the ending to FF7. FF8 is an incredible game, there's no doubt about that. But it lacks real content. The story moves so much slower that a few events are dragged out for hours rather than the quick twists and turns of FF7. FF8 lacks a large amount of scenes that you can really look back on and call awesome. FF7 had the motorcycle chase, the Tiny Bronco theft, the Weapon attack, Aeris's death, the chocobo races, the rocket launch, the list just goes on and on... Looking back, it seems like FF7 was about 5 times longer than FF8 just because so much happened! What happened in FF8? You pretty much do jobs for SeeD, uncover a little corruption, and watch Squall and Rinoa fall in love. There's also the amazing scene of Balamb Garden and Galbadia Garden clashing together, but that's really all that comes to mind. FF8 just seems... empty. It didn't really go anywhere. It seemed like it was all flashy graphics with no real plot content. What's amazingly ironic here is that I sound exactly like an FF3 fan complaining about FF7, even though I spent a lot of time stressing what an idiot the FF3 fan was, and I suspect many loyal FF8 fans will do the same to me, as an FF7 fan. However, I truly feel that FF8 missed out on so much. Where are the plot twists (aside from the lame Head Gardenmaster one)? Where are the Moogles? Where are the non-SeeD characters that join your party? Where are the friends you make along the way of your quest? Where's the betrayal? Where's the world crisis that's NOT stupid? Where are the stunning displays of bravery and triumph? Where are the world map vehicles besides a car with no gas and a ship that hovers 2 feet? Where are the dreams of each character? Where is the situations where you constantly struggle against an oppressing evil that you don't hunt out yourself? Where are the politics of rival countries? Where are the puzzles that require you to use strategy? Why did I play through the entire game without having to actually use the chocobo I caught? Where are the clashing personalities of new party members? WHERE IS IT? How did FF8 miss out on all that? Why is the game so straightforward? Why is every single one of your party members issued by or related to SeeD in some way? FF8 has a lot going for it. In the first few hours I was completely blown away beyond anything I expected, but it didn't last. FF8 certainly wasn't a large disappointment, or a waste of money, and it certainly wasn't a waste of time (which I have plenty of...), but I was constantly hoping that it would rise to the level of FF7, and it didn't. Perhaps now I finally understand what the FF3 fans have been telling me about.

Well, that's it. My article is done. What an adventure that was. If you've actually read this far, then I apologize, but the "Warning" label was only a joke, and there's no nudity regardless of how far you read. Sorry. For the rest of you who aren't mentally disturbed, I'd like to thank you for actually reading my entire article. If my writing style is at all tolerable to you in any way, be sure to check out my own online novel at Reader's Demesne. Well, until I get the FF Anthology or write my next article, so long and remember to always put Final Fantasy games before your social life!

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 08:26 AM


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Posted 16 July 2011 - 09:07 AM


Sounds like my average 16 year old social Life. Agreeable that FF7 is better than FF8.

#4 Gilgamesh


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Posted 27 July 2011 - 07:43 PM

I was promised nudity. Where's my nudity?

P.S. I preferred 8 over 7. That's just my opinion though, not going into details why.

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 07:28 PM

I was promised nudity. Where's my nudity?

YOUR nudity? Are you sure?

oh ok


*Gilgamesh's clothes ripped*
*Gilgamesh is nude*

Woo-Hoo =)))

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Posted 16 August 2011 - 12:19 PM

Wow. Best comparison by far of FF7 vs FF8 since Tetris vs Dr. Mario. But.... where is the nudity again? Didn't catch it.

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Posted 25 August 2011 - 03:44 PM

So I skimmed through this and saw the words Tifa and Nudity...I was sorely Deceived.... <_<

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