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#56804 Version 3.5 Is Going Live

Posted by atomicstorm on 25 February 2012 - 02:05 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has arrived. Version 3.5 is going live today in a random surprise! Triple Triad Extreme will be down all day today, February 25th, 2012. Stay tuned to this page or the forums for updates and community chatter.

#56740 Version 3.5 Status - February 12th, 2012

Posted by atomicstorm on 12 February 2012 - 11:38 PM

I just wanted to let you all know that version 3.5 is coming together quite well. Release is very soon. We only have a few issues to work out. More news incoming soon.

#55285 [video] How To Create A Card For Triple Triad Using Photoshop

Posted by J102Y on 24 August 2011 - 11:54 AM

Just a video I put together for how to create a card for TTE. Everythign explained in said movie.

#55032 [guide] Installing Triple Triad Extreme Under Linux

Posted by Arkelsa on 15 August 2011 - 09:03 AM

Guide To Linux Installation 1.01

I'm going to start off with this guide by saying that there is A LOT of things that are untested with this method, and it is not a clean install by any means. When I have a slight bit more time i'll see if it works without 3ds, but as for right now I am not including it, and if anyone has bugs please inform me and I will confirm if 3ds is needed or not. I will add pictures in the near future, when I again test this install method, but if anyone tries this and has issues along the way PLEASE inform me immediately and I will fix the guide A.S.A.P.

Personally, I am running Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narhwal) with 3ds. So this guide (for simplicity matters) has been written around using Ubuntu, but I don't forsee any major issues with other versions of Linux and this guide.

I have most functions working, and there is a slight few bugs, but gaming is acceptable and overall everything works quite nicely (all things considered).

Install Guide
Step 1: Applications

Root Access to Linux
Terminal (built into Linux, found under Applications > Accessories > Terminal)
Triple Triad Extreme Full Setup (Direct Link > http://www.wupload.c...13/TTESetup.exe) Or can be downloaded from the main website.
Wine for Linux (Can be found at the WineHQ website: and download the correct type for your Linux package)

Step 2: Applications Install

Installing wine is pretty straight forward, just follow the walkthroughs located on the main website for a successful installation.
After installing Wine you should open [Terminal] and type the following command:

sudo wget

This allows you to install winetricks, which i'm not 100% sure if it is actually required or not, but it adds support for some windows features that you normally would not have.

Now your going to want to install TTE, navigate to where you downloaded the file and right click on it, and select Properties > Permissions, and add a check-mark to the box that says "Allow executing file as a program", now you should be able to install TTE like a normal application. Towards the end of the install you will most likely have an error about a couple files not registering, do not panic about this, I will show you how to fix it shortly.

Step 3: Configuring Wine

I prefer to make my TTE run in Unity Mode, so it's a smooth crossover and doesn't have a huge ugly blue box background with no functionality (in the basic wine setup). Open Applications and go to Wine > Configure Wine > Graphics. Under Window Settings make sure that you ONLY have "Allow the window manager to decorate windows" and "Allow the window manager to control windows" checked. Leave the other two options empty. Save and close.

Step 4: Immediate Known Error Fixing
Start off with the font pack downloads, just to ensure you have them under your windows system compatibility. You can find Verdana at (http://sourceforge.n...32.exe/download) and you can find Arial at (http://sourceforge.n...32.exe/download)
right click on each download and go to Properties > Permissions, and add a check-mark to the box that says "Allow executing file as a program" on each one then install them into wine.

Download MSVBVM60.DLL (Direct Link > http://www.dll-files...hp?dll=msvbvm60) and navigate to Applications > Wine > Browse C: Drive > Windows > System32 and copy / paste the DLL file in here.

Navigate to Applications > Wine > Browse C: Drive > Program Files > Atomic Entertainment > and copy both "msxml6.dll and akdatepicker.ocx to Applications > Wine > Browse C: Drive > Windows > System32 again.

Navigate to Applications > Accessories > Terminal and type the following IN THIS ORDER

wine cmd
cd drive_c
cd windows
cd system32
regsvr32 msxml6.dll
regsvr32 akdatepicker.ocx
regsvr32 msvbvm60.dll

Step 5: Game

After you do all of that you SHOULD be able to run Triple Triad Extreme without too many issues, if it's your first time logging in then make sure you run the patcher to receive all of the latest updates that may have been missed in the full setup file.
Applications > Wine > Programs > Atomic Entertainment, Inc > Triple Triad Extreme > Update Triple Triad Extreme OR
Applications > Wine > Programs > Atomic Entertainment, Inc > Triple Triad Extreme > Launch Triple Triad Extreme


Known Bugs
(1) When you login, you will likely see the message <Warning> The application could not contact the service that handles traffic outside the server. Be sure to add to your firewall or prevent connections to that address from being blocked. Some parts of the game may not work correctly if not corrected. (No Crash)
(2) In the game, menu options under Game > Advancement gives you the error "Could Not Get Advancement Data" (No Crash)
(3) Unable to change Triple Triad Rules when hosting a Triple Triad Game gives you the error "Could not retrieve decks from data source. Please try again later. This window will now close. (No Crash)
(4) In the game menu options under Game > Starter Deck > Get New Deck does not appear to display deck information or any other data for that matter. When you click on "Get New Deck" you WILL receive your new starter deck (unconfirmed), however this DOES cause you to crash. "Runtime Error '13' Type Mismatch" (Does Crash)

Coming Soon

All Bug Submissions and advice, steps missed, criticism, or anyone looking to help me enhance the guide please email me and I will contact you at my first convenience, please do not PM me on the forums or in game to offer advice on this topic :)

#54929 500 Posts

Posted by atomicstorm on 12 August 2011 - 09:09 AM

You purposefully targeted do dislike every reply i say here, whichever liked or disliked by others. I found it out by viewing a received reputations. You have something against Yuka? Maybe you avenging me for something?
If you dislike me - i dislike you. :X

I generally take issue with anyone who talks about themselves in third person.

#54727 The New Guild: Illuminati

Posted by Andrew on 31 July 2011 - 07:04 AM

Hello everyone, it's your good ol' pal, Andrew! I've decided to create a guild that I guarantee will be like no other guild you've ever been in before. I'm still in the process of mapping it all out, but to show you the type of dedication I have towards making this guild succeed, I'd like to share with you the Illuminati's website.

Illuminati's Website

If you wish to apply, simply click on the Member Application link on your right sidebar. Many of you won't wish to join without more information, and I promise you that the guild structure is being developed as we speak. I will tell you that I have some exciting ideas I've been brewing up, and I hope that some of you will join me when they're implemented. Again, I will keep you posted both here, and on the Illuminati's website.


#54348 Brainstorming: Retaining New Players

Posted by jackie on 21 July 2011 - 01:20 PM

Most of us at some time or other have given cards, gp, advice to or tutored people who've logged on for the first time for them to come back for a couple of weeks and then depart never to be seen again. I think the main question we should be asking firstly is why do the newbs who log on not stay for longer?

It’s not easy to be a new player. Logging onto a game for the first time to be confronted with a group of people who seem to have known each other all their lives can be quite daunting. I logged back on about three years ago after a four year break and although not shy I rarely push myself forward until I get to know the people I’m around. Had it not been for a couple of people who remembered me from my previous outings with TT, and the inevitable newb hunters who didn’t know me (I had a 0 merit when I logged back in lol), I can imagine that I could have been left sitting idle for a very long time without games or conversation.

Most of us actives have been playing against each other for some time now on and off, and maybe that’s one of the problems. We’ve grown used to playing games against each other, and the comfort of playing against friends and those you know is easier than the uncertainty of playing someone new. As has been said we’re a fairly close and sociable community, we do say hi to the majority of people who log on for the first time, (and not necessarily because of the post prompting us to do so), but how many of us can honestly say we’ve gone that little bit further? From where I sit we are all guilty of letting a newb sit at an open table while we play our friends.

Giving better benefits to newbs when they first log on, such as higher level cards in starter packs, and boosting the benefits for staying around longer, such as better rewards for levelling after X level are all well and good and may help, but if these new players don't get the initial games they want to play they wont stick around for the added extras.

Perhaps within reason we should be a little more open to allowing any player to join our tables, or dare I say it, even join a newb’s table, to give them the games they want, after all if someone has taken the time to find us on the net, download the game and has the courage to actually log on to play, shouldn’t we as regular members have the decency and courage to play those games with them and encourage them to stay around longer?

I like the idea of real time brain storming, but for it to be worthwhile it needs to be moved around during the day/week so the same people aren't being asked for their opinions all the time. If this doesn't happen we’re going to get a uneven response as there are going to be a lot of players who have thoughts and ideas that they can’t voice simply because they aren't able to be active at the same time as the person asking the questions and maybe don’t spend enough time on forums to post their thoughts.

To sum up, I honestly believe the best way to keep people active is to give them the games they've come on to play. If something is fun and you enjoy doing it, you come back for more.

#54325 "what Can I Do To Help Tte?"

Posted by Jinvicious on 21 July 2011 - 02:37 AM

Lots of people throughout the years on here, especially recently have been asking "What can I do to help?". Well normally this leads to a thread where people kick around ideas and then folks debate and argue over them and little if anything comes of it. So I am going to take a different approach and rather than ask what problems there are I am just gonna give you guys the facts and tell you what I know based on my observations, what I've heard from and discussed with various players and what I know to be true based on my experience here.

A lot of players seem to have the misconception that in order to make a difference you have to be an administrator. They also seem to think that the one and only solution to activity problems is more administrators. While I agree that there are not as many admins as there used to be (Me, Squll-typo, Jackie, Sunstar and Bazansue is a mod) there are not many among the current community I'd ever recommend for GM (2-3 people at most) so you likely won't be seeing more administrators unless a few old ones come back, like Squll-typo did recently and Andrew is now a forums admin. While it is true that admins are an essential part of the game and their leadership and mediator skills are needed in order to maintain peace in the game, overall activity is impacted far more by players than by administrators.

If you aren't interested in helping out or contributing then read no further, but if you truly wanna help out TTE, if you truly wanna get involved and make the game and the community more enjoyable then read on because these things are what need to be done in order for every day players like you to help out.

1) - Play Games

That's right you can make a difference just by doing the most basic function on the game...PLAYING! Who Knew right? The problems in this area fall under a pretty broad spectrum.

Firstly there's people who are on fairly regularly and hardly ever play a single game, even when they see a player sitting there with an open table. Why not join them? Rarely is there a valid excuse to just sit on for 5-6 hours and just chat without playing any games.

Secondly, A LOT of people are very nitpicking with what rules they'll play. I know A LOT of people tend to only play basic random 5 Omni or their favorite TT rules and NOTHING else. Nothing wrong with having favorite rules, but if nobody will join your game, why not join someone else so the both of you can play instead of waiting for 30 minutes to get one game? Just seems logical to me.

I can understand not wanting to join a Trade/Wager game or do a game with rules that favor your opponent like Player 7 Blocks vs a Stacker or Min 10, Starter Blue, Skip and Cross, but a lot of people seem to refuse to try any new rules or anything they aren't familiar with. Myself, the only things I almost refuse to play are Order or Elemental games and I'll even join those from time to time.

A very common excuse is: "I don't know how X Rule works"....well there is a simple solution to this and it'll blow your mind, here it comes.....ASK! Also you can read the player manual in the help wiki, but nobody does that, but yes all you gotta do is ASK how it works, it may be a little confusing at first, but you won't learn anything without trial and error and practicing, again simple solution to a problem that seems to be an epidemic.

Thirdly, Many people refuse to play various game types because they either A) Don't know how to play them, or B) Aren't very good at them. This again has the same solution as the above problem, just ask people for tips on how they work. I utterly suck at Memory, but I played Yoshi in nearly 80 games of it within the last few games and he even pointed out that I was getting better at it as I was playing him.

You won't learn how to play a game type or develop any skills at a game if you never give it a try.

Lastly is a key thing that I rarely see anyone do. If you see someone log in who hasn't logged on in a while or see a new player join MAKE SURE THEY GET A GAME! Unless I am busy, if I see an oldie log on I will go out of my way to make sure they get games if they haven't been around in a while. The same thing used to be true for new players when I had the free time. It doesn't take a GM to tell someone how to set up a table, you don't even have to be a rocket scientist, every day players like you can do it, again mind boggling information that'll change the way you think about TTE.

That about sums up the issues I see with people playing or not playing, moving onto Item Number two on my list.

2) - Participate

This one a lot of people seem to fall short on, people want more tournaments, contests, hunts, challenges, quizzes, guild wars and such, but when someone tries to plan em out or set em up so few people even bother to jump in unless there's a small fortune in prizes at stake.

I remember when I first joined there were tournaments nearly daily and people always signed right up, what happened to that? Now we can rarely get 8 people in on a FREE Tournament!? Flat out, if an event is FREE unless you're about to leave there is almost NO excuse to not join, never under any circumstance, even if you don't think you'll win at least try dammit, or help make things fun by taking part rather than sitting on the sidelines.

Next time you're scratching you're head wondering when something is gonna happen, look around there are always tournaments of some kind either happening or in the works. Participate even if you don't think you'll do well, what's the harm that'll come of it? If more people participate, there will likely be more tournaments to follow. I've seen so many great tournament ideas just fade out because not even people bothered to get involved and it's a real shame to those who did and most of all to the person who took their time to set it up.

So do the game a favor, show some face when there're events happening so that there will likely be more in the future and with more variety, if everybody helps out a bit it makes a big difference, which brings me to number 3.

3) - Contribute

I see a lot of apathy in this area from many of you, it doesn't take much effort to offer a hand or your opinion in something when it's asked for. I've seen so little response on a lot of the threads relating to V4 it kinda makes me sick, until recently they mostly got ignored except for the handful of people who still regularly post.

Take the time to give us your input and make sure your voice is heard, don't complain about the changes that get made if you don't take part in the process to get them made. Another thing I Can add to this, if someone is trying to set something up and asks for your advice, give it to them, don't pretend you don't have anything worthwhile to offer, odds are you do (Unless you're Crab-bot, but he can't help it) throw your 2 cents in or 20 dollars in, no matter how active you are or aren't your opinion means something so GIVE IT.

4) - Memberships

Now this doesn't exactly mean what you think, I am not saying you gotta drop cash on TTE to help out, no I am gonna clear this issue up. A lot of people seem to think "There's no way for me to get a Power User" the game has come A LONG way since I first joined and quite frankly if you're on for 3-4 hours a day there is NO excuse for you to not have one, there are various ways to get them without paying a cent.

I've paid for my last dozen or more PUs entirely with gold, 50k for a PU may sound like a lot, but first they come with 10k, that's only 40k you need to earn right there, then they come with 5 tokens or 6 if you've done the VA skill those can easily be sold for anywhere from 10-18k. So in reality you only REALLY need to pay about 22-30k for one, and when you have a PU you can EASILY earn 1000 gold within a handful of games. You might not spend the Money yourself if you buy one with gold, but he person who paid for the Loot card did, they get a large amount of gold, you get a PU and the game gets support for bigger and better things to be added.

Some of you are probably thinking: "But where can I buy one?!" Look around, there is almost ALWAYS at least 2-3 people selling them for gold or willing to if someone mentions they are after one. Alukardian, Bazandsue, Gringo, Jackie, martbus, any of these people can probably hook you up with one if you ask or at least point you in the right direction.

Also, the offer wall can help out a great deal too, check that out and rack up some TTE Cash, it might take a bit to earn a PU, but hell even if you just get enough for say a 4 token pack, you get an SE for FREE and TTE gets a bit of support, it's a Win Win.

With all the ways to get a membership now, there is pretty much no excuse for anyone who wants one to not have one. Now you know the facts so get asking if you wanna have one, most of the people who sell them will work out something with you to get the PU in advance then owe them the gold provided you have a good enough reputation for being trustworthy. While on the subject, paying debts off can also help your credibility and shows you are a trustworthy an dependable person so that's always an added plus.

Lastly and quite possibly one of the more important items on the list.

5) - Help with promotion

This right here is something I never see ANYBODY point out, so I am gonna just kick the fire around on this a bit to wake everybody up with this.

I CONSTANTLY here people ask; "Why is there no anime3 deck?", "Why is there no Legend of Dragoon deck?", "Why is there no Castlevania Symphony of the Night deck?", "Why haven't Guild Wars been added?", "Why don't we get more game types?!".

I've got a very simple answer to all the above questions, prepare for a shocker folks...NOBODY makes an effect to promote these things! I've seen COUNTLESS Guild-Wars or Guild-based tournaments come and go because nobody bothers to get their guild involved, personally it falls on the guild master to make sure their members participate in these events and show pride in being a member of their guild, I always harass my members into joining anything that is guild-based and if you are a guild leader or even just a member, you should too. Atom would be FAR more keen on adding guild wars or doing more for guilds if people actually bothered to take part in the guild events that people try to set up. They may seem small and silly to you, but tournaments tend to quickly evolve and become more interesting, more challenging and more fun, just nobody ever bothers to make sure they get the hype they need.

If I am sure of ANYTHING on TTE it's that if you want people to get involved with someone, if you want it to go from an idea to a functional part of the game it needs to be promoted. Hardly anyone played TTW when it first came out, NOBODY use to collect merits except a handful of people, if you want something to get added to the game, support the damn idea when it comes up.

I have seen COUNTLESS ideas for decks I'd LOVE to see just sorta die out because only 2-3 people bother to show support when the deck gets suggested, if you really wanna see decks included for something you'd be interested in collecting, then be involved and show support in it when somebody suggests making it.

I have seen the same thing with suggestions for game types, folks are ALWAYS saying they want new game types added because they'll give us more to do, more variety, more merits, more new things to learn, the list goes on. People DO suggest new game types fairly often if you pay attention to the forum and bother to look for them. Just it takes a great deal of effort on atoms part to add a new game to the mix and he's likely not going to be keen on doing so if only 2-3 people seem to be interested in the idea, if like 20-30 post that they like it though, you're MUCH more likely to see positive results and change.

If you want things to happen around here, then do your part and make yourself heard and make sure others do the same and make sure people are informed. The moment I see someone log on that I haven't seen in a while, I immediately make sure they're up to speed on the new things going on, I even ask people on MSN from time to time if they've been keeping up so I need to know if they need to be filled in or not, it doesn't take a lot of effort to promote things on here and it goes a long way.

Also, a GREAT way to get people to notice this stuff is Facebook or other similar sites. I have 60+ People on my facebook who are from or play TTE and whenever there is big news going on I always post it to make sure those people see. I see other people like kard, SeeD and Sue do the same thing frequently and it does make a difference, maybe only 2-3 people out of all your TTE friends will check, but who knows, maybe you'll succeed and bring someone back who's been away a while, that's a success in my book and is worth 100 times the amount of energy it took to do a little promotion for things on the game.

So all you people who have been scratching your heads about how to help, there are your answers. Follow those and you'll make a difference.

#53457 Game Rules, Behavior, And Infractions - Must Read

Posted by atomicstorm on 29 June 2011 - 05:50 PM

Over the last few months, the GMs have been rather lenient on specific behavior. This will no longer be true. In addition, if a GM is not on, it is not a license to act with ill regard to the rules. We do have the capabilities to go through ALL logs and if we have to, the punishment will be worse.

Please take the time to look over the infractions list here: http://www.tripletri...ions-Index.aspx

We (GMs) are not here to babysit you or be the big, evil bad man waiting for you to mess up and then slap you with a GP fine. We are also not here to be logged in 24 hours a day so that we can try to make sure a select few are behaving. We are here to help provide the community with the best experience as possible. If you are trying to make that end-goal difficult for us, you will be perceived as not being a part of the community and you will no longer be welcome here.

To the community who could be concerned about anything: You have the responsibility to report players who are habitually cheating, abusing the filter, or in short, violating the infractions in such a magnitude that is perceived as disruptive.

I would also advise against badmouthing, insulting, or being overly offensive (nerdraging) at other GMs (even players). Infractions for that are soulmarked and you CANNOT remove them. When you receive 10 points, it is game-over for you. No second chances, no questions asked (unless you can prove the infraction was wrong).


With that said, the above series of paragraphs can be interpreted in two ways and based on your interpretation, it can easily show us which group of people you fall under. You can perceive it as us restating what is already evident in any community (online or offline) or you can perceive my message as mr. evil [fatty] policeman "abusing power" or being nit picky about rules. Think long and hard about which group you fall under.

I will also add that if you are secretly creating multiple accounts or ending games habitually, you might want to stop because my algorithms for detecting such activity will be enforced heavily over the next couple of days.

We are spending thousands of dollars on this new project and if you choose to act as if you do not care to be a part of this new adventure, then you may find yourself outside looking in. All actions have consequences.

One last point, having to respond to such behavior causes me to change my focus to finding out what you [being the offender] have been doing and what infraction applies instead of working on v3.5 and v4.0. Keep that in mind if I have to begin posting delays...

This thread is unlocked and you may reply to it. Feel free to address concerns or if you think I am over the top or not hard enough, I am more than willing to listen IF you are tactful. Feel free to +Rep if you agree with this post.

#57008 Keep & Kill All Star Edition!

Posted by zeromus on 10 March 2012 - 01:53 PM

Crash Bandicoot


#56832 Patch Notes - Version 3.5

Posted by atomicstorm on 25 February 2012 - 10:06 PM

Version 3.5

  • The website has received a full makeover.
  • News articles from the forum blogs and the front page have been merged. The blogs will be turned off when all is live.
  • Players can comment on any news article and certain pages throughout the website.
  • The website has partial facebook integration. You can like your own or someone elses achievements and most pages.
  • The character skin can be changed through the my account page. It is only visible on higher resolutions.
  • The website has multi-platform and browser support, but must be IE7 or later.
  • Offers are scattered about the site to better help you earn crystals.
  • Tournaments have been suspended until a future patch.
  • Wanted card lists have been removed from the game.
  • The ability to join or remove people from the guild has been temporarily suspended. Only access to the guild is available until the next patch.
  • Treasure Hunter is under renovation. Too many people peed on the fence and died.
  • Moogles are lurking about. Perhaps you can find them?

  • The leaderboards have been condensed into one page with extra visual support.

  • Scoreboards can be easily navigated using the date jumper at the footer. Clicking on a game will bring up a colorful replay screen like what used to exist previously.
  • For easier navigation, use the scoreboard overview.
Deck List

  • The deck information pages received a visual makeover.
Product Store

  • The product store has received a visual makeover and items are broken out by class on separate pages. There are mouse over items for you to learn more about each item.
  • There is also a membership compare page that should be visited frequently as we add new features and change old ones.
  • The earn crystals pages are also easily navigated and are broken out by the partner that we use for the offers.
Player Info

  • Player statistics page has received a makeover
  • Each player has an activity feed for trophies, achievements, level ups (pending), and other various events.
  • Cash has been turned into crystals. All cash was transferred 100 crystals to $1 and is marked in the reserve (yellow) for card purchases only.

  • The triple triad war 250 damage blow and 10 chain achievements have been fixed.
  • Some achievements have been reclasses or had their numbers adjusted.
  • Achievements that no longer exist are feats of strength and do not award points.
  • Achievements pages have been linked to the player statistics pages and received a visual makeover.
  • Achievements now have a progress bar for all of the achievements, where applicable. You can now see how close you are to increasing your merit score.
  • You can also facebook like your achievements to show your friends.
Player Shops/Auction Houses

  • Player shops have been changed to a limitless auction house. 5% house fee applies with sales. There is no cost to auction off a card at this time.
  • Players with memberships will be updated with better benefits over time with respect to the AH.

  • Cards sold to the vendor will appear in the mako store along with other goodies. You may find a good bargain lurking in the store.
Card Packs

  • Card packs have received a revamp.
  • Card packs have been consolidated to 4 basic types for each non-event deck. Event decks may appear in the list but will not be purchaseable.
  • Card packs have also seen a reduction in price and an increase in both risk and reward.
  • Level 7s will become rarer.
  • Level 10s will become rarer.

  • Cards now receive certain classifications such as Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Mouseover a card to learn about it.
Card Viewer

  • The card viewer has received a full revamp.
  • You can display up to 50 cards at once and page through your cards using the simple and advanced filter. Clicking on a card will bring up
  • details about the card.
  • New Feature: Transmuting -> You can transmute 3 of the same level of a card with gold to receive 1 random of the next level from any deck.
  • Transmuting 3 level 10s will give you another random level 10. If you transmute 3 SEs or 3 ECs, you will get a random one.
  • FFAC specials cards now cost the same as a level 10 SE/EC.
  • You can now sell your unwanted cards to the vendor for a reduced price. Price may vary based on use.
Card Vault

  • The card vaults have received a makeover.
  • You can move cards from one area to another to fill or reduce your vault.
  • Links are available to increase your vault in the top and bottom of each respective page (guild or personal). These increases are permanent.
  • You can filter on your own cards set, the vault, or both using the simple and advanced filter and the toggles for each section.

  • Getting in trouble never looked so good. Perhaps you should check this page out... if you dare.
Gamer Tag

  • You can now link back to triple triad extreme AND display your stats (and avatar when we get to 4.0) using the Triple Triad Extreme Gamer Tag.
  • Code is available on this page for use on your website and respective forums. Just copy and paste the links in whole to your signature on whatever
  • forums or places you go, and it will display.
Player Mail

  • The player mail has received a make over. The mail system is more visually appealing and easier to use. We are working on future improvements.

#57554 Updates

Posted by atomicstorm on 11 February 2013 - 05:34 PM

Tomorrow we will have a design consultation with Microsoft to determine the best upgrade path for the new client. We additionally are in discussion as to the new UI. I will update you all further as more decisions are made.