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Triple Triad Extreme Version 3.5 Update

Horray! Version 3.5 is Live!

2/26/2012 3:39:57 AM by atomicstorm

Horray! Version 3.5 is finally here! 10 months ago, we laid out a road map to begin our long journey to our big version 4.0. We took our time to make sure that we had the best foundation to work from. We had a few obstacles to overcome both in the development and in the deployment, but we are finally here. We have several features that are coming soon in version 3.6. The placeholders for several of those features, such as the Golden Saucer, are available on the website already. We will slowly add minor details and functionality in the next few weeks, followed by a couple big website updates for features such as the guild functions and tournaments. I hope that you all enjoy this update and I appreciate everyone for being patient with us.

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